Grilled Halibut

Cajun French: le poisson (lu poo-a-son) – fish
Plate 1Grilling is one of our favorite ways to cook. Tonight we did it a little different – open fire grilling. Our travels have brought us to northern Minnesota where we were finally able to purchase fish. Halibut was available and we wanted to try something different. Even though it is not a Minnesota fish, it is something we do not normally have access to. The end result was MORE! Exactly, we wanted more and we will definitely grill this way again.


Mais C’est Bon!


1# fresh halibut

3 tbl olive oil

3 tbl white wine

1 tbl fresh rosemary, chopped

1.5 tbl lemon juice

½ tsp Cajun seasoning

Salt and pepper


Wash and pat dry fish

Place fish in baking pan

Season with salt and pepper, pat into fish

Combine olive oil, and wine mixing well

Pour half of mixture over fish

Sprinkle Cajun seasoning and rosemary over fish

Cover fish with plastic wrap and refrigerate approximately 30 minutes

Add lemon juice to remaining marinade mixture mixing well

Brush oil or oil spray on fish basket coating well

Place fish in basket and place over hot coals (approximately 12″ above coals)

Baste fish with remaining marinade

Cook approximately four minutes on each side, depending on heat of fire

When fish flakes, remove from heat


Fresh Halibut
Fresh Halibut




Stabilizing the grill
Stabilizing the grill


Grilling - looking good
Grilling – looking good


Almost time to eat
Almost time to eat


When grilling is done - build a fire for the evening
When grilling is done – build a fire for the evening

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