Farmers Market – East Jordan, MI

Cajun French: le jardinage (lu jar-deen-aj) – vegetables


The morning dawned rainy and cool. Normally no problem, but we were headed to an outside farmers market. A little rain never stopped us before so we bundled up, put rain boots on and headed out. For a small town, East Jordan had a decent farmers market.It was peach season so visions of locally grown juicy and sweet peaches were visions we were chasing — we found them and more. Cherries and apples, two fruits we rarely find at farmers markets in South Louisiana added to our enjoyment.

Our vegetable purchase included tomatoes, eggplant and bok choy. Homemade fudge and fresh bread rounded out our basket.

Fresh flowers and plants along with a variety of vegetables were also available. For a small market, we had lots to choose from. As usual we left the market happy and satisfied with our purchases. Overall, for a small market, we enjoyed the East Jordan Farmers Market in MI.


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