Breakfast Pita Sandwich

Cajun French: la tomate (la tō-mat) – tomato


This breakfast started out as eggs and avocado. Sounds good yet could be boring so we started building a breakfast sandwich. First the pita bread, then the tomato and finally the mushrooms. Mayonnaise was added for flavor and then grapes for garnish. It is fun to build a sandwich without really knowing what the final product will be. Building this sandwich is what makes cooking together fun!

Mais C’est Bon!

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Pita Pinto Treat

Cajun French:  goûtailler (goot-a-ee-ā) – snack



Having a pot of cooked Pinto Beans means thinking of creative ways to use the beans.  We try to have some type of healthy snack in the afternoon so the mind went to work.  We had pita bread, guacamole, goat cheese, tomatoes and green olives – now what to do with them.  We thought about mini pizzas, yet they would be too hard to eat without utensils.  Okay, same concept just cut the pita bread in quarters and single layer.

Mais C’est Bon!

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