Mi Patio Bar and Grill – St. Ignace, MI

Cajun French: le manger (lu mon-jā) – eat


With all the hustle bustle on Mackinac Island, we decided not to have lunch there. Upon our return to St. Ignace, lunch was the order of the day. We had two requirements for a lunch place – outdoor patio and quiet. Two restaurants met our needs and we were very happy to have chosen Mi Patio.

It was not only that the restaurant met our two requirements, their lunch special sounded fantastic. The chalkboard on the sidewalk read “Jumbo Fish Sandwich”. It was enticing. We found a table on the deck overlooking the lake and settled in for a quiet lunch.

Local beer was the first order of lunch. John ordered an amber and Laurie a porter. On to the fish sandwich; it was huge. It was a club sandwich – bottom bun with Coleslaw, large piece of fish and cheese, next middle bun with mayo, large piece of fish and cheese, then top bun. The sandwich was served with french fries. Laurie dismantled hers since there was no way she could bite the tower of food. No matter how it was eaten, it was tasty. The fish was fresh, lightly battered and crisp. We were told the fish had been delivered that morning and we could taste the freshness.

John’s beer choice
Laurie’s Meal

As we ate, we watched a modified Higgins Boat (another Louisiana connection) at work on the lake. It was hauling a piece of machinery to places unknown. Maybe it was headed to Mackinac Island or just down the shoreline.

Just another day at work

Lunch at Mi Patio was the perfect ending of our trip to Mackinac Island.

Happy travels and many adventures along your journey.

This brought us in
Inside seating
Outside deck



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