Fish en Papillote

Cajun French:  le poisson (lu poo-a-son) – fish


While traveling we are not always able to buy fresh fish and we had been fresh fish deprived for a while. Heading back to south Mississippi, we knew fresh fish was waiting. Laurie enjoys fish en papillote and had not had it for some time. John’s creative juices started flowing and below is the result.

Mais C’est Bon!



½# fresh catfish

16-24 shrimp (depending on size)

Andouille sausage – 6 rounds about ¼” thick

Lima beans

Red bell pepper

1 ear fresh corn



Cajun seasoning


Parchment paper

Egg wash


Simple Maque Choux:

Cut corn kernels from cob

Slice red pepper in strips or rounds (depending on size of pepper, we used mini pepper)

Drain lima beans

Combine corn, red pepper and lima beans

Season to taste

Simple Maque Choux



Place a square of parchment paper (large enough to fold over) on flat surface

On ½ place a bed of Maque Choux

On top of the Maque Choux a pat of butter

Season fish on both sides with Cajun seasoning

Place one fish filet on top

Place two lemon rounds on fish

Cut three rounds of andouille sausage, then slice the rounds

Place slices of sausage on top of fish and lemon

Season shrimp with Cajun seasoning

Place raw shrimp on top

Egg wash ends of ½ of parchment

Fold parchment over, seal and fold seal edges in ¼” folds                        



Place packets on baking sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes (depending on thickness and type of fish)



Cut open the packets.

Serve on parchment placed on plate or transfer contents to plate using a spatula pouring juice over top.

Maque Choux Bed
Add pat of butter
Catfish Filet
Lemon Slices on Top
Andouille Spread Over
Shrimp on Top
Egg Wash Ready to Seal
Ready to Bake
Opening to Serve
Ready for Plating

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