Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited

Cajun French: faim (fain) – hungry


What's CookingLeaving church Sunday, as usual John was lobbying for donuts. Laurie was shaking her head fervently as we walked to the truck. The truck just so happened to be parked near Joie de Vivre Coffee & Culture Café with an outdoor sign of “What’s Cooking!” Laurie’s eyes veered to the sign and gazed upon Crawfish Flatbread. John was easily convinced and in we went to try the beckoning flavors.

It had been a year since we visited Breaux Bridge, LA and Joie de Vivre and things had changed. The café appeared to be a full service restaurant. We were told to find a table and given menus. The Crawfish Flatbread was not on the menu so we asked about it. The server said it was flatbread with a crawfish topping and mango sauce. She said it was awesome. We were convinced and ready to try it. Away she went with our order only to shortly return saying they were not cooking the flatbread today.

Looking at each other in confusion, we told her it was on the placard outside. Her response was, it is? That did not matter, they were not cooking it that day. Our question was, why is it being advertised if you are not serving it? We know in the past the food at Joie de Vivre was very good so we are sure the Crawfish Flatbread would also be excellent. Our problem is why advertise what you cannot deliver?

We decided on just coffee, which had already been served. It took the staff between ten and fifteen minutes to go outside and remove the items from “What’s Cooking!” Besides the flatbread, gumbo was also listed. Since it was also erased, we figured that was not available either.

We hate to give a café we have always enjoyed a negative review, yet this morning felt like entrapment. Get them in, tell them we are not cooking that, and they will order something else. Did not work for us. This once excellent coffee house seems to be transitioning to a restaurant. What a shame, it was one place we used to look forward to when our RV is parked in Breaux Bridge. We finished our coffee and left, not sure if or when we will return.


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