Crawfish Boil Fritter

Cajun French:  l’écrevisse bouilli (l’ā-krū-vees boo-ee) – boiled crawfish


Crawfish boils bring family and friends together to enjoy the bounty of south Louisiana.  Every Cajun family has their own “special” boiling recipe and most are willing to share to prove it’s the best!  Besides the enjoyment of the boil itself, one of the best parts is the left over crawfish.  Most families plan their boils so there is crawfish left to incorporate in other dishes.  Our Saturday afternoon boil was no different and we had crawfish to make our Crawfish Boil Fritter.  This is a sweet savory dish and makes a great start to any meal.

Mais C’est Bon!




After the Boil:

  • Peel crawfish tails
  • Strip corn from cobs
  • Slice mushrooms


In a large bowl combine Bruce’s mix with beer and eggs

Mix until well blended

In a separate large bowl, combine crawfish, corn and mushrooms

Add mix to the crawfish and vegetables a little at a time mixing well

Continue combining until mixture is desired thickness

We used all pancake mixture less one cup


Heat griddle to medium

Brush griddle with olive oil

Pour mixture on griddle to desired size

Cook until set then flip fritters and cook until done

Serve warm


Crawfish Tails
From the Boil
Fritter Mixture
Cooking First Side
John the Chef



2 Replies to “Crawfish Boil Fritter”

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t have any crawfish left over from a boil (darn!), but I do have a pound of crawfish tails in the freezer that I bought from the crawfish farm in Natchitoches. A couple of weeks ago we made a crawfish etouffee and served it over blackened catfish. Now I know what I’m going to do with this last pound. These look SO, SO good! I’ll probably have to add some seasoning to get the crawfish boil flavor, but I’ve got some. John looks like he’s having fun. 🙂 So is it hot down there?

    1. Thanks for the comment MJ. John always has fun when cooking. Yes, it is HOT although we had rain the last few days so it is somewhat cooler – everything is relative. We enjoy using our leftover boil items this way. Let us know how yours turns out. Etouffee over catfish sounds wonderful.

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