WesMar Farms Dairy Market

Cajun French:  le cabri (lu ka-bree) – goat (general)

NOTE: This market is no longer operating

The goats were staring at us through the fence, curious creatures. Then we saw a group of people visiting; drinking coffee and eating fresh baked bread and sweets. We must be in the right place – WesMar Farms Dairy Market in Moreauville, LA.

What are two Pescatarians doing at a dairy market? That is the question we asked ourselves the first time we visited the WesMar Farms Dairy Market. Never ones to pass up an opportunity to visit a farmers market of any kind, we ventured to WesMar to see what was offered.

While staying at Paragon Casino RV Resort, we saw a brochure for WesMar Farms and their dairy market. Knowing we would probably find only goat cheese and other diary items didn’t matter us; it was the adventure we sought. The market is every Thursday afternoon from 2-6. Upon arriving after the curious goats and people visiting, we realized that the Dairy Market was actually a local farmers market. On our first visit, fresh baked bread from a brick oven in Bunkie, LA. was for sale, along with sweet potatoes and garlic. In addition there was goat cheese as well as goat milk soap. After purchasing bread, sweet potatoes, and garlic we decided to purchase Chevre Goat Cheese. Yes we do not normally eat animal products, but that is not carved in stone.

Our second visit was last week, we purchased purple and gold cauliflower and fresh beets from Mike. Yes, we are LSU fans and we have plans for the cauliflower. The bread man was not at the market; we were disappointed. It was December 30th and we were surprised that the market was open yet happy to be able to purchase fresh vegetables.

For $6.00 per person, a tour of the working goat dairy farm is available on all days except market day. Dress for the outdoors and walking around a farm, bring your camera and an appetite for cheese. Try your hand at goat milking. We have not taken the tour yet, but hope to do so in the near future. That will be another post with lots of goat milking pictures!

Marguerite and West are gracious and knowledgeable making each customer feel special. When you are in the Marksville area, take the short drive to Moreauville and WesMar Farms; you will be happy you did!



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