North Platte, NE Farmers Market

Fall means college football and nowhere is a better example than South Louisiana where there is a sea of purple and gold on any given Saturday.  Being in North Platte, NE for the first Saturday football game night in Tiger Stadium, we wore our purple and gold.  Having lived in Omaha, NE a very long time ago, we know how important football is to NE; almost as important as it is in South Louisiana.

We were greeted at the farmers market with a sea of red, which we expected.  What we did not expect was the football themed cookies with red and white icing.  Ok, I hate to admit it – no LSU themed cookies at the Red Stick Farmers Market.  Over the cookie situation, we went on to shop for vegetables and other items offered by the various vendors.

Besides the football cookies, the market had plenty to offer including homemade cinnamon rolls, jams and jellies, fresh bread, roasted chilies, cat and dog treats, crafts and the usual array of vegetables.

We found fingerling potatoes and unfortunately the farmer had only one bag and we purchased it wishing he had more.  Our other purchases included carrots, peppers, whole wheat bread, pineapple sweet bread, and catnip treats for Missy Elliot (with the new nickname ‘Tripod’).

We really enjoyed our time at the North Platte, NE Farmers Market.  The market had a good selection  of fresh items, prepared packaged items and crafts.  With a basket full of goodies we headed off to find a local breakfast restaurant.

Geaux Tigers!







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