Boulder, Colorado Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers Market is a community gathering place offering not only fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and other items yet also offering prepared foods and a grassy lawn to enjoy those foods while visiting.  There was even a Balloon Man forming balloons into various objects for the children to wear and enjoy.  After two weeks of no farmers market we were in Farmer Market Heaven!

Being from south Louisiana, many fruits and vegetables we saw seemed to be out of season yet they were at their peak for Colorado.  One of the more popular vegetables was corn; it was everywhere and we stocked up.  The locals told us it was the “best corn” as I am sure locals everywhere say.  I must admit, it was very good – sweet and tender.  Melons were also at their peak and we tried new varieties that are not available in south Louisiana.

Prepared food of all varieties was offered.  We purchased veggie tamales and fresh corn chips.  We heated the corn chips before serving and they melted in our mouth.  The tamale was truly “vegetarian” since there was no lard in the meal.

The Wednesday Boulder Farmer Market is open from May to October and we enjoyed our experience and left with a basket full of local items!











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  1. Wow, those beets are stunning! It must have been really easy to take these nice pictures with so many vibrant things to shoot. I try to go every Saturday, but of course, it’s closed for the winter. My friend, Amanda, could have cried. What’s your favorite thing to buy there?

    1. Thanks for the comment. The beets were beautiful. We had to have some and they were great! We are lucky in south Louisiana to have a year round farmers market, in fact we have a few to choose from.

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