Grilled Halibut

Cajun French: le poisson (lu poo-a-son) – fish
Plate 1Grilling is one of our favorite ways to cook. Tonight we did it a little different – open fire grilling. Our travels have brought us to northern Minnesota where we were finally able to purchase fish. Halibut was available and we wanted to try something different. Even though it is not a Minnesota fish, it is something we do not normally have access to. The end result was MORE! Exactly, we wanted more and we will definitely grill this way again.


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Francis’ Potato Patties

Cajun French: la patate (la pa-tat) – potato


IMG_2993Ms. Francis’ store was across the street from the local school. Since this was before the time of school lunches, she would sell hamburgers to the school children for lunch. On Friday’s, since this was a predominantly Cajun Catholic community, she would make potato patties instead of meat patties. Both of her burgers are still talked about and remembered by people today. Francis was John’s grandmother and while this is not her exact recipe, we wanted to honor her memory and the memories she left with us. Frances would use fish flakes and boiled potatoes to make her patties. We stepped it up a notch and used salmon and potato flakes.

Frances has been the inspiration for many of our dishes. In fact, we posted a potato croquette recipe a couple of years ago based on her recipe. At that time we used sweet potatoes. This one is closer to her original recipe.

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Black-eyed Peas and Cornbread Bake

Cajun French: le pain d’maïs (lu pain d’ma-ee) – cornbread


PlatedBlack-eyed peas are a must in our home on New Year’s Day. It is one of those traditions and it must be carried on. We have been known to bring dishes with us as we travel and heat them in a hotel room – just so we carry on tradition.

This year, 2015, we decided to break from tradition. No, we still cooked black-eyed peas; we just did it a little differently. We cooked our black-eyed peas and cornbread together as a layered bake.

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Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company – Marrero, LA

Cajun French:  la patate douce (la pa-tat doos) – sweet potato


BuildingGoogle had assured us that we could find fresh local bread at Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company.  We were not sure we really believed Google but the name was inviting and we were interested.  The non-descript building set back off Lapalco Boulevard was nothing special yet walking in all our senses were on alert, the cases were full of sweet pies, cakes and cookies of all shapes, sizes and colors.  But no bread could be found. Continue reading “Southern Sweet Potato Pie Company – Marrero, LA”


Cajun Breakfast Poboy

Cajun French:  le matin (lu ma-tain) – morning


Start with melt in your mouth French bread from Champagne’s Bakery in the heart of Acadiana (Breaux Bridge).  Next add a link of crawfish boudin from Poche’s Meat Market in Breaux Bridge, LA, with one crawfish tail in the entire length (we were trying to rescue the boudin).  Next we added eggs (after all it was morning) and boiled shrimp and breakfast was served.

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Cajun Creole Poboy

Cajun French:  l’ail (l’a-ee) – garlic


PlatedFresh poboy bread, pork boudin, and red beans; all leftovers – what to do with them?  The boudin needed some help since it was not well seasoned and the red beans were very well seasoned.  The bread from Champagne Bakery in Breaux Bridge, LA was begging to be eaten and so the Cajun Creole Poboy was built.  Add Cajun seasoning and garlic and dinner is served…

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Shrimp Crostini with Pepper Kumquat Compote

Cajun French:  griller (gree-ā) – toast (bread)


AppitizerWe were watching “A Chef’s Life” where the chef was making a mull using muscadines and John’s creative juices started flowing.  Shrimp was already on the menu for dinner along with steamed veggies and Kumquats were in our frig just waiting to be used; dinner was getting better and better.  Bellegarde Bakery fig and pecan bread had just been purchased from our farmers market and crostini, little toasts, was in the making.  Superb dish for an entree or appetizer.

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Veggie Tart

Cajun French: la carotte (la kar-ot) – carrot


Tart BakedTonight dinner was to be a veggie loaf with different techniques.  Laurie was going to place a pie crust on an inverted loaf pan, bake then fill.  John was going to place the pie crust in the loaf pan, fill and bake.  Neither happened…was not a good fit.  Instead we decided to make a veggie tart and that was a perfect fit.  We used the vegetables we had on hand and built the pie using egg and cheese as a binder.  The main thing to remember is to season each vegetable to taste.  This tart will take some time since each vegetable is steamed separately, but it was well worth it.

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Oatmeal Banana Cookies

Cajun French:  le tit gâteau (lu tee ga-tō) – cookie


PlatedEveryone enjoys a sweet now and then…

Since we try to eat healthy and limit sugar and animal fat, sweets are a food group we struggle with and are always looking for new ideas.  When we saw a recipe for cookies that had no egg or animal fat we grabbed it and went to work.  As usual we adapted the recipe to fit our likes and found something that satisfies our sweet tooth.

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