La Pines Café – Slidell, LA

We travel the US in our RV and are always looking for local spots to visit. Breakfast out is one of our favorites and we thought we had found the perfect spot. Did our research, read reviews and headed to La Pines Cafe. Arrived to a crowded parking lot, another good sign. Walked in and found the seating more than we expected and were told to sit anywhere, another good sign. We had hardly warmed our chairs when the server brought menus and took our coffee order, another good sign. Coffee arrived bold and hot, another good sign. At this point we are thinking we are really going to like this place. Placed our order and enjoyed our coffee.

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Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited

Cajun French: faim (fain) – hungry


What's CookingLeaving church Sunday, as usual John was lobbying for donuts. Laurie was shaking her head fervently as we walked to the truck. The truck just so happened to be parked near Joie de Vivre Coffee & Culture Café with an outdoor sign of “What’s Cooking!” Laurie’s eyes veered to the sign and gazed upon Crawfish Flatbread. John was easily convinced and in we went to try the beckoning flavors. Continue reading “Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited”


Let’s Eat Cake – Boudin King Cake

Cajun French: pétrir (pā-treer) – knead


IMG_6803Cajuns are an adaptable people. We take what the area offers and make it our own. So we wonder why it took not only a non-Cajun, but also a non-native Louisianan to develop the Boudin King Cake. Granted Dr. Boudin (Bob Carriker) has been living in the Lafayette area since 1997; he is not native. He calls Louisiana home and has come to embrace our culture and food. In honor of Dr. Boudin and his Boudin King Cake, we have made our own, adapting it to our tastes.

One bread recipe will make a very large king cake. We made ours in our Dutch oven so we adjusted for the size of our pot.

Mais C’est Bon!

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Day of Surprises – Truck Stop Eating

Cajun French: le “truck” (lu “truck”) – truck


20150404_091956Saturdays usually mean shopping at a farmers market and breakfast out. This has become a tradition of ours no matter where we may be located. This Saturday we were in Breaux Bridge, LA and knew the Lafayette markets well, having shopped them many times. There are three farmers markets in Lafayette which is interesting for a city of its size and the markets are close together. Continue reading “Day of Surprises – Truck Stop Eating”


Cajun Breakfast Poboy

Cajun French:  le matin (lu ma-tain) – morning


Start with melt in your mouth French bread from Champagne’s Bakery in the heart of Acadiana (Breaux Bridge).  Next add a link of crawfish boudin from Poche’s Meat Market in Breaux Bridge, LA, with one crawfish tail in the entire length (we were trying to rescue the boudin).  Next we added eggs (after all it was morning) and boiled shrimp and breakfast was served.

Mais C’est Bon!

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Street Breads of Baton Rouge, LA

Cajun French:  la rue (la rū) – street


SeatingOn Saturday mornings if we are close to a Farmers Market we’re headed that way for the opening bell.  We are also looking for breakfast as most also have breakfast vendors with the markets.  When we’re in our home area of Baton Rouge, we’re pointed to the Red Stick Farmers Market.  This morning we decided to look elsewhere and step out of the box for our Saturday morning treat. Continue reading “Street Breads of Baton Rouge, LA”


Eggs Beanedict

Cajun French:  le piment fort (lu pee-mon for) – pepper (hot)


Lettuce Patty Egg Sauce ChivesWhat do you do with left over beans and rice?  Bean Patties.

What do you do with left over bean patties?  Eggs Beanedict.

If you are like us, there always seems to be beans and rice left even after eating leftovers.  Trying to come up with a way to use the beans and rice in a creative manner, we decided on bean patties.  They had a great flavor and we served them with grilled salmon.  Ok, now we had two bean patties leftover.  Thinking breakfast we decided to top them with fried eggs and one thing led to another.  Eggs Beanedict was born and enjoyed.

Mais C’est Bon!

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