Party Time – What To Prepare?

An invitation to a Pot Luck, Party, or Get Together, what to bring?  A Party Salad of course!  Are you looking for something easy, different, interesting and delicious?  Our Party Salad is that and more.  This salad will awaken your smell, entice your taste, and color your palate.

This dish is great to keep in the frig for snacks, serve when friends drop over, and it is the perfect side for most entrees.  And to top things off – it is easy to prepare.

Enjoy!  Mais C’est Bon!!

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Cajun Shrimp on Rice


Cajun ShrimpPort Allen, LA – Laurie and I are fans of farmers markets and the fresh treasures they hold. On our last visit to the Red Stick Farmer’s Market in Baton Rouge, LA, we purchased fresh shrimp direct from the shrimper, carrots from the farmer who grew them, along with parsley and green onions. Using these fresh ingredients along with others we created the following recipe.

Enjoy! Mais C’est Bon!!

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