Dos Salsas, Georgetown, TX

Cajun French: Samedi (som-dee) – Saturday


IMG_2838Our Saturday morning equation is breakfast out and a farmers market. Some mornings it is breakfast first and then shopping and other times it is reversed. The order does not matter, it is getting both accomplished that we look forward to.

Being in an area for one maybe two Saturday’s at most does not give us time to search out those out of the way hole in the walls places. So we rely on friends to steer us in the best direction. Continue reading “Dos Salsas, Georgetown, TX”


Chicken Fried What? Snook, TX

Cajun French: le béquine (lu bā-keen) – bacon


IMG_2815Snook, TX population 511. Why in the world would we want to visit – what possibly could be of interest? For John, it has been about five years in the making. That’s how long it’s been since he first heard about Snook. Maybe more specifically, what Snook offered the foodie culture – chicken fried bacon. That is correct – fat, dipped in fat, fried in fat. Continue reading “Chicken Fried What? Snook, TX”


Day of Surprises – Truck Stop Eating

Cajun French: le “truck” (lu “truck”) – truck


20150404_091956Saturdays usually mean shopping at a farmers market and breakfast out. This has become a tradition of ours no matter where we may be located. This Saturday we were in Breaux Bridge, LA and knew the Lafayette markets well, having shopped them many times. There are three farmers markets in Lafayette which is interesting for a city of its size and the markets are close together. Continue reading “Day of Surprises – Truck Stop Eating”


Cypress Cafe – Bay St. Louis, MS

Cajun French:  venter (von-tā) – wind (to blow)


Sandwich SaladLunch by the Bay is one of our favorite things to do when on the Coast.  Today was no different.  We went in search of the perfect café where we could sit outside looking out to the open water, feel the breeze and enjoy the salt air.  Only problem, the day was chilly and very windy; no sitting outside today.  Continue reading “Cypress Cafe – Bay St. Louis, MS”