A New Pavilion, A Great Market

Cajun French: le récoltier (lu rā-kōl-tee-ā) – farmer


PavilionWe’ll admit it – we are addicted. Everyone is addicted to something and we are no different. Every Saturday morning, our adrenaline starts pumping and we begin planning for our adventure. The excitement is even more if we are in a new location. Off we go headed to the local farmers market and our fix for the week. Continue reading “A New Pavilion, A Great Market”


Beaumont, TX Farmers Market

Cajun French:  le miel (lu mee-el) – honey

FlowersThe parking area was packed with police directing traffic and volunteers assisting in the parking lot.  The crowd was sometimes three deep and tables hard to see.  This was our introduction to the Beaumont Farmers Market.  In seeking out farmers markets as we RV around the country, Beaumont has an excellent start on a very active local farmers market.  We were impressed both with the produce offered and the local support.  Continue reading “Beaumont, TX Farmers Market”


WesMar Farms Dairy Market

Cajun French:  le cabri (lu ka-bree) – goat (general)

NOTE: This market is no longer operating

The goats were staring at us through the fence, curious creatures. Then we saw a group of people visiting; drinking coffee and eating fresh baked bread and sweets. We must be in the right place – WesMar Farms Dairy Market in Moreauville, LA.

What are two Pescatarians doing at a dairy market? That is the question we asked ourselves the first time we visited the WesMar Farms Dairy Market. Never ones to pass up an opportunity to visit a farmers market of any kind, we ventured to WesMar to see what was offered. Continue reading “WesMar Farms Dairy Market”


North Platte, NE Farmers Market

Fall means college football and nowhere is a better example than South Louisiana where there is a sea of purple and gold on any given Saturday.  Being in North Platte, NE for the first Saturday football game night in Tiger Stadium, we wore our purple and gold.  Having lived in Omaha, NE a very long time ago, we know how important football is to NE; almost as important as it is in South Louisiana. Continue reading “North Platte, NE Farmers Market”


Boulder, Colorado Farmers Market

The Boulder Farmers Market is a community gathering place offering not only fresh vegetables, fruits, dairy and other items yet also offering prepared foods and a grassy lawn to enjoy those foods while visiting.  There was even a Balloon Man forming balloons into various objects for the children to wear and enjoy.  After two weeks of no farmers market we were in Farmer Market Heaven!

Continue reading “Boulder, Colorado Farmers Market”