Cajun Food Where You Find It

We (John and Laurie) are Cajuns and cooking is our passion.  Cajuns are very adaptable people.  We have to be since our ancestors left France to settle in Acadia then were exiled from Acadia, present day Nova Scotia, and found their way to the marshes of Louisiana.  The Acadians settled far from any city with few neighbors.  Because of this, the Cajun Culture was maintained and is still strong today.  The Cajuns took what nature gave them and developed good food and good times.

Since we are traveling Cajuns, we must also take what we find where we are and develop that same good food and good times.  While traveling we shop locally, take the bounty, cook and serve it with a Cajun Flair.

Just as the Cajun people are adaptable so the Cajun Cuisine is also adaptable.   As long as we have our cast iron pots and pans, some Cajun seasoning and  imagination, Cajun meals will be alive and well on the road we travel.  Cajun cooking is not so much what you cook as it is how you cook.

In Louisiana we do a lot of one pot cooking, mainly in iron pots.  Growing up, when someone mentioned blackened, they meant the pot not the ingredient.  Just because food is prepared simply, the dishes can still be elegant in taste and presentation.

The purpose of our blog is to show that it does not take an industrial kitchen or numerous ingredients to make a memorable meal – any time, any place.  Our RV kitchen is not large, yet we have produced some incredible meals with a Cajun Flair using local food finds.


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  1. John and Laurie,
    I just came across your blog. This looks like a great idea and I wish you luck. You’re absolutely right that good Cajun food doesn’t have to come from an industrial kitchen. I love farmers markets and produce stands too, so maybe I’ll catch you at the Red Stick Farmer’s Market one of these days! I write a blog as well that features lots of Cajun food. You can find it at http://www.biteandbooze.com. Good luck on your blogging efforts!


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