Tahquamenon Falls Brewery Paradise MI

Cajun French: la bière (la bee-air) – beer


EnjoyAfter a day of hiking and walking piers looking at antique boats, a barstool sounded great. A brewery in a state park sounded even more interesting. So after viewing Tahquamenon Falls from various angles and lookouts, we headed to Tahquamenon Falls Brewery.

Tahquamenon Falls Brewery is the first brewery we have visited located inside a state park. Michigan, as many states, charge a fee to enter their state parks. Luckily you pay a daily fee and it is good for any state park that day. After visiting the falls we headed to the brewery.

The brewery and pub were built to resemble a logging camp. In fact it is called Camp 33, this would have been the name of the next logging camp the brewery owners’ grandfather would have built. Jack Barrett sold his land for $1.00 to the State of Michigan so a state park could be built. He withheld two acres where Camp 33 sits today.

Inside the brewery, the bar is to the left and to the right is the restaurant. The focal point is a large stone fireplace. We were told a fireplace is essential to any logging camp. The day we visited was too hot for a fire yet we are confident cold Michigan winters make this huge fireplace a welcome site.

Camp Fireplace

The restaurant side was very busy with a long wait line. We spotted two seats at the bar so we headed over ready to enjoy beer and a snack. We were glad we chose the bar, we were able to visit with locals and learn not only about the beer but also the area.

The offering was four beers of various styles. John chose Falls Tannin, an American Amber/Red Ale. It was definitely his type of beer. Even Laurie like it and she usually does not agree on John’s choices of beer. Laurie chose Black Bear Stout, an Irish Dry Stout. For Laurie, it did not have the heavy taste she likes in a stout.

To enjoy with our beers we ordered bruschetta. The topping was fresh tomato, garlic, basil, parmesan and mozzarella cheese. It was crunchy and heavy on the topping, to our liking. For us, it was an excellent accompaniment to our beers.

Camp 33 was the perfect ending to a great day enjoying the sights and sounds of the UP.

Happy travels and many adventures along your journey.

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