Farmers Market – Iron Mountain MI

Cajun French: le sirop (lu see-rō) – syrup

After enjoying breakfast at B’s Cafe, we headed over to the farmers market. This Saturday was sunny with cool weather; our first escape from southern heat and perfect shopping weather. The market is held in a parking lot downtown and is good size, offering a large variety of items. With basket in tow we began our shopping adventure.

One of our favorite items to purchase at a market is mushrooms. It is not often we find a lot of variety yet this market had many. So of course we purchased a little of each type.

In shopping farmers markets we look for unique items as well as local foods. One of our purchases was pure maple syrup. This syrup is more delicate in taste and texture than our usual cane syrup. It is not only good on pancakes and biscuits but also used in marinades and sauces. If you like salmon, season with Cajun seasoning and brush with maple syrup while grilling!

Raspberries were available and of course some went in our basket. This delicate fruit is not something we find often. But when we do, we purchase.

Overall Iron Mountain has a great market with a good selection of items. We were happy and our basket was full…


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