Gladstone MI Farmers Market

Cajun French: le poisson (lu poo-a-son) – fish

Fresh Whitefish from Lake Michigan

We were camped on the Eastern shore of Little Bay de Noc, way up at the North-Western end of Lake Michigan. Across the bay is the small town of Gladstone which hosts a farmers market on Mondays. The market has afternoon hours so we toured the town during the morning (that is another blog), enjoying the waterfront and lighthouse. We were told the market has a fisherman selling his fresh catch, always changing. Our radars were honed in on fresh fish.

The fish table was our first stop. His catch that Monday was whitefish and it was beautiful. We could see it on our grill and in our plates. We purchased enough for two meals and moved happily to another farmer.

The bread baker was selling and we purchased a loaf of bread today. We were anxious to try it and yes, he is a great baker. We could eat his pretzels every morning with breakfast but alas we will be moving on…

Our honey supply was getting low, so the honey table was next. Local honey in the basket and we moved on to other tables.

The market is set up in an alleyway between buildings. This gives shoppers and farmers a comfortable, safe and enjoyable place to shop and sell. There are tables along the middle for shoppers to rest and visit.

With our purchases in our basket, we headed home to prepare our fresh fish and veggies for dinner…


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