Escanaba MI Farmers Market

Cajun French: l’ail (l’a-ee) – garlic


Arriving in Delta County MI we thought we had arrived in farmer market utopia. For a small in population (approx 37,000) county, there are three markets. We had an option of Saturday or Wednesday markets and we shopped them all. Each offered a variety of items with some vendors selling at all markets. We were in the area only a week yet we got to know a few of the farmers and enjoyed talking with them.

The first market we shopped was the Saturday Escanaba Market. The market recently moved to its new location in the downtown area. A large pavilion offers farmers and customers the convenience of all weather shopping. Of course these markets are only open for the season, usually June to October. 

New Pavilion

The Escanaba market offered the usual vegetable variety including fresh garlic. One unique addition was fresh roasted coffee beans. The coffee smelled wonderful and had a good flavor. Yet it was not roasted dark enough for us; in other words it was not one of our south Louisiana coffee brands.  

Local Coffee

The bread table offered not only bread but also pretzels. The baker is a young man from Rapid River, where we are staying. He is able to sell at all markets since his father’s retirement job is assisting. The fresh pretzels brought us back to our years in Germany, it was great reminiscing!

Fresh Bread

Of course we purchased our usual weekly items including eggs and veggies. There was a large selection of vegetables for us to chose.

No matter how large or small a farmers market is, we always find something to our liking. And the farmers are always ready to hear about the other markets we have shopped.


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