B’s Country Cafe – Iron Mountain, MI

Cajun French: la cuiture (la kū-ee-tūr) – cooking


The sign simply said, “FOOD”. John said, “Looks like my kind of place.” B’s Country Cafe was recommended by a local we’d met and it looked like it was a good recommendation.

While living in our stick and brick, Saturday always meant farmers market and breakfast. So now when we are stationary on Saturday we look for markets and breakfast cafes. On this Saturday, we found ourselves in Iron Mountain, MI, our first stop in the UP. We also finally found cooler weather along with a farmers market, and a local cafe. We were happy!

Yes, B’s is local

When you walk into a local cafe you can immediately tell by the hum of conversation you’ve found a really local joint. B’s Country Cafe was such a place. Groups were busy discussing and cursing the topics of the day. They gave little attention to the older couple from South Louisiana invading their early morning coffee space. A lot of times the wait staff will ask us where we’re from, never having seen us before. Today was different, we were to be just part of the crowd.

The local that recommended B’s said the pancakes were a specialty so we ordered them. John had his with fried eggs and bacon, Laurie had hers with scrambled eggs. And of course we had coffee. Breakfast was very good; the only problem being no cane syrup not even any pure maple syrup. Just regular over the counter syrup.

We were welcomed in and everyone was friendly. We enjoyed our breakfast and lingered over our coffee taking in the local color. Alas the farmers market, which was just around the corner, was calling. Off we went basket in hand…


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