La Pines Café – Slidell, LA

We travel the US in our RV and are always looking for local spots to visit. Breakfast out is one of our favorites and we thought we had found the perfect spot. Did our research, read reviews and headed to La Pines Cafe. Arrived to a crowded parking lot, another good sign. Walked in and found the seating more than we expected and were told to sit anywhere, another good sign. We had hardly warmed our chairs when the server brought menus and took our coffee order, another good sign. Coffee arrived bold and hot, another good sign. At this point we are thinking we are really going to like this place. Placed our order and enjoyed our coffee.

This café was featured on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives so we were anxious to try the food. Looking around we could tell most customers were locals and many knew each other. All of this make us even more anxious for our food – ready for great local cuisine.


Food arrived in an acceptable amount of time. And this is where the good part ends. Laurie ordered a simple breakfast of scrambled eggs, grits, ham and biscuit. John ordered a chicken fried steak platter with grits, medium fried eggs and biscuit. His food was barely warm, mine was cold. My eggs were COLD like they had come out of a cooler, the biscuit was room temperature, the ham although it had grill marks on it was also room temperature and the grits was lukewarm at best. I asked the server, Maxine, to return my egg and ham since they were cold. She picked up my egg and ham plate and disappeared without a word. Shortly my same plate was returned, without a word, with warm eggs, I am sure they were microwaved. When we paid our tab, the hostess barely spoke to us. She did not ask how our meal was or thank us for coming.


Sometimes the worth of a restaurant is measured in how they treat you after there is a problem. In doing everything they can to “make it right” opens up a dialogue to recruit the customer as a fan and insure you’ll see them again. Such was NOT the case. Cold food and non-caring server and hostess ensured we will not return again.




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