Southern Fried Rabbit – Columbia, MS

There is a tradition in Columbia, MS – if you are going to Red Bluff take along a plate from Southern Fried Rabbit. True or not, we wanted to honor the tradition. We head out to Red Bluff the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, first stop Southern Fried Rabbit. Ugh, they are closed for the holiday weekend. Off we go to Red Bluff without rabbit.

The following Tuesday was a rainy dreary day so we decided it was a Southern Fried Rabbit day. Southern Fried Rabbit is “food to go” – it is a drive in. There are a few tables and benches under the overhang, but for the most part orders are called in and picked up. We placed our order for, what else, a fried rabbit plate and a pulled rabbit sandwich. Since we had a great view of the Pearl River from our dining table, we decided to take our food home to eat and enjoy the rainy day view.


The rabbit is farm raised so there is no wild taste. The pulled rabbit sandwich which was served with gravy was somewhat bland. In our opinion it need some pizzazz, spicing up a bit. The fired rabbit was crispy and not greasy. Overall we enjoyed the sides the best, turnip greens and lima beans.


Ordering Window

We are sure if we had been able to have our rabbit picnic at Red Bluff, we would probably have a different opinion. Overall we are glad to have had Southern Fried Rabbit. But, if we return we would probably try one of their daily specials.


Sharing Plate

When in Columbia, MS, get rabbit from Southern Fried Rabbit, pack a picnic and head to Red Bluff. Stick with the tradition…


Fried Rabbit Plate


Pulled Rabbit Sandwich

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