Grilled Veggie Stack

Cajun French: le plat (lu pla) – dish (of food)


PictureWhen squash and eggplant appear at the markets, Laurie cannot resist. Living in an RV, space is at a premium and fresh produce is purchased as needed. That is except squash and eggplant – usually we purchase more than needed because there are so many different ones to choose. This week we managed to only purchase yellow squash and eggplant. Laurie was proud of herself for moderation. Grilling is a favorite cooking method of ours and tonight was grilled veggies. For a different approach we stacked the veggies and topped with grated cheese. Fresh corn was also a purchase so it was grilled also.

Mais C’est Bon!



1 red tomato

1 yellow squash

1 eggplant

Olive oil

Sea salt

Coarse black pepper

Hard cheese for grating (we used parmesan)


Heat grill to maintain a 350 degree heat

Slice squash and eggplant on the bias about ½” thick

Toss in olive oil

Place on grill and season with salt and pepper

Grill until tender


Dill Aioli:

3 tbl mayonnaise

1 tbl lemon juice

2 dashes hot sauce (Crystal is our choice)

¼ tsp dill

Combine all ingredients, mix well



Place a meaty slice of tomato on plate

Salt and pepper then top with aioli

Alternate squash and eggplant making four layers

Top each layer with aioli

Grate cheese on top layer


Veggies grilling
Veggies grilling


Grilling Complete
Grilling Complete


The base layer
The base layer




Finished stack
Finished stack


Ready to enjoy
Ready to enjoy


Grilled Corn
Grilled Corn

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