Falconer Vineyards – Red Wing, MN

Pizza & WineFalconer Vineyards was the promise of a beautiful day, good wine and great pizza that wasn’t to be. Patience, please.

Started with our server delivering menus and simultaneously asking if we knew what wine we wanted. Patience, please. Then she disappeared and did not return for quite a while. Patience, please. Finally returned to take our order so we asked which wine we should order with the pizza we had chosen (their Signature Pizza). She said she didn’t know much about the wine then proceeded to suggest several vintages. Sorry, credibility already blown. She works here, the place that makes the wine. Patience, please

The wine we decided on came quickly — with PLASTIC CUPS! Geez, this is a vineyard. When we asked for glass wine glasses like the couple next to us our server informed us, the table was given glass in error and she could not serve us in glass. A vineyard who does not think their wine is worth glass instead serving their wine in plastic… Patience, please.

Plastic cups - really...
Plastic cups – really…

OK, beautiful day, decent wine in plastic, we’ll make the best of it.

We wait for the pizza, and wait. We notice several tables who were seated long after we were with their pizza, big tables with 4 to 6 pizzas each. Finally our server came and asked us (there is no evidence of pizza on our table) if we’ve received our pizza yet? Patience, please.

She returns shortly with a pizza which she “stole” destined for someone else.

Grapes of Wrath - Signature Pizza
Grapes of Wrath – Signature Pizza

We finish. Wine not too bad (even in plastic), pizza way above average. Finally get a check and wait and wait. Patience, please. Fifteen minutes after she took our card she finally returned our receipt.

The pizza was good but not good enough to overcome plastic wine cups, a lost order and inattentive server. This place should be renamed Patience Vineyards.

Grape harvest
Grape harvest
The beginning of wine
The beginning of wine



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