Georgetown, TX Farmers Market

Cajun French: Jeudi (ju-dee) – Thursday


IMG_3003Two markets – one city.

Finding a city with two farmers markets is like hitting a jackpot. That is what we found in Georgetown, TX — one is a Saturday market, Wolf Ranch Farmers Market, and the other is a Thursday market, Georgetown Farmers Market.

Being able to shop a farmers market twice a week allows us exposure to more local produce and products, usually by different farmers and vendors, expanding the possibilities for our cooking.

The Georgetown Farmers Market has been supporting farmers for thirty years. The market is called a growers market with more than fifty vendors surrounding Williamson County. The members products include free range eggs, pasture raised beef, cheese, pecans, artisan breads, and vegetables. The market the day we shopped was small but had a good variety of products. There was also music to enjoy while shopping.


Our purchases included staples – eggs and bread along with yellow squash, scones, and onions. It was not a huge load, but when shopping mid-week we usually do not load up on items.

The Thursday market is held in the parking lot of the Georgetown Church of Christ from 3:30-6:30, year round. There are two other markets associated with the Georgetown Farmers Market – Tuesday in Sun City in Georgetown and Saturday in Round Rock, TX.

We enjoyed having the opportunity to shop two different markets in one week. Yes, we are farmer market addicts and we enjoy every chance to shop.








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