Wolf Ranch Farmers Market, Georgetown, TX

Cajun French: le fromage (lu frō-maj) – cheese


IMG_2854Another Saturday, another farmers market…

We visit so many farmers markets, you would think they all begin to look the same. Absolutely not! Each is different even though some have similar veggies and other products. One of the things we enjoy is visiting different areas and seeing what is in season since each growing season is different for each area.

This Saturday we were in Georgetown, TX visiting their market at Wolf Ranch. This is a large shopping area next to I-35 and the market is held in one of the parking areas. The first thing we noticed was the turquoise RV and Laurie was ready to purchase whatever they had. Unfortunately they were selling sweet items and it was too early for that; yes it was.


We walked the market looking at the various items for sale. Deciding on what we would purchase, we started again. This time we were buying as we walked, all the while enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells of the market.

The market was good size offering all the usual wares. We indulged in a number of items – fresh eggs, bread, craft cheese, greens, strawberries, carrots, radishes, and Central Texas Olive Oil. We were very happy with our purchases and excited to use them in our recipes.

The Brazos Valley Cheese is a smoky mozzarella and it tasted like it just came out of the smokehouse. It continues to complement our Cabernet at cocktail time. We dread finishing it, but are enjoying it while it lasts.


We had purchased the same olive oil two years ago when visiting Georgetown and was anxious to have some once again. We’ll not only enjoy this one but we’ll remember it as we reuse the container with metal spout over the coming months.

Farmers markets are so alike, yet are so different. No matter where our RV is currently calling home, we will seek out a farmers market. We have even been known to plan our journey and decide to stay in an area because of the availability of a farmers market.

Be a locavore – shop local, eat local, enjoy!










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