Food Fight at New Republic Brewing, College Station, TX

Cajun French: le manger (lu mon-jā) – food


IMG_2748Someone threw a roll, then someone else threw a kernel of corn, and so it began – food fight in the high school cafeteria. Not something you would want to be involved in later in life. So why would we intentionally go to a “food fight”?

This food fight was a lot different and involved food trucks, beer, wine, and bourbon. Wow, something for everyone and more. This is the type of food fight we could get involved in.

It was billed as a gathering of food trucks to promote the local mobile food scene. We have enjoyed many food truck “round ups” with varied food offerings. We were ready to eat our way through this food fight. Upon arriving there were two food trucks and we were told more should arrive. But no more came. That was okay because the two that were serving were excellent.


This food fight was held at the New Republic Brewing Company in College Station, TX. Operations began in 2010 and is the oldest Aggie owned and operated microbrewery in Aggieland. After sampling the four beers offered, John had a Kadigan and Laurie had a Skylight.


About the food – the fight involved ginger. The food trucks had to use ginger in at least one dish and they also had to have at least one $5.00 offering. Lew’s BBQ served smoked ginger glazed chicken wings with a creamy ginger pepper dipping sauce. The wings were perfectly roasted and the dipping sauce had a kick. Together they were worth a second helping.


Big Daddy Z’s $5.00 ginger offering was a Hawaiian ceviche tostada. It was probably very good except we opted for “Thai beach tacos” – chicken with cucumber, jalapenos, pickled carrots, Z sauce, spicy mayo, and peanuts. That’s a mouthful and it certainly was. Everything blended together with no one ingredient overpowering the dish. Along with the tacos, we also had “every day we trufflin’” – waffle fries tossed with rosemary and white truffle oil then topped with parmigiana-reggiano cheese. The fries melted in our mouths and each bite beckoned you to have more.


If beer was not your taste, Perrine Winery had a tasting station as well as glasses of wine for sale. One of the wines offered was Zombie Walk, a tropical lime and coconut infusion. This would be a great summertime afternoon sipping wine.


Next door to New Republic Brewing is Rio Brazos Distillery so of course we had to visit. They are a small batch craft distillery of whiskey and bourbon. Not being whiskey drinkers, Laurie decided to give it a try. She had to admit, it was smooth going down.


The Aggieland Food Fight turned out not to be the kind of food fights we remember from high school, but instead offered a casual afternoon of great food and new to us brews.









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