Cajun Breakfast Poboy

Cajun French:  le matin (lu ma-tain) – morning


Start with melt in your mouth French bread from Champagne’s Bakery in the heart of Acadiana (Breaux Bridge).  Next add a link of crawfish boudin from Poche’s Meat Market in Breaux Bridge, LA, with one crawfish tail in the entire length (we were trying to rescue the boudin).  Next we added eggs (after all it was morning) and boiled shrimp and breakfast was served.

Mais C’est Bon!




1 poboy loaf

1 link crawfish boudin

2 eggs

8 medium to large peeled boiled shrimp

Cajun seasoning

Olive oil

Softened garlic


Heat olive oil in cast iron skillet on grill

Fry eggs with broken yoke, set aside

Slice poboy loaf lengthwise

Brush inside of loaf with olive oil

Toast on grill

Remove bread from grill

On one half smash and spread 6 cloves of softened garlic

Spread boudin on top of garlic

Top boudin with a row of boiled shrimp

On the second half place fried eggs

Combine halves and heat on grill

Remove, cut and Enjoy!


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