This and That Frittata

Cajun French:  déjeuner (dā-ju-nā) – breakfast


PlatedBreakfast time and we have a frig full of leftovers, now what?  Time for a Frittata made with whatever we have; a little of this and a little of that.  This recipe cannot be duplicated but it does show how leftovers can be creatively used.  Add fresh fruit and veggies and breakfast is served.

Mais C’est Bon!



1 Tbl Olive oil

½ med onion, sliced

Kernels from one ear of corn

½ cup roasted vegetables

½ cup rice and vegetables

3 eggs, beaten



Heat olive oil to medium in cast iron skillet

Sauté onion until translucent

Add corn and continue sautéing

Add roasted veggies and veggies and rice

Heat all ingredients and mix well

Spread veggie mixture evenly in skillet

Add 3 beaten eggs

Cover and cook on low until eggs cook to your liking

Sprinkle cheese over Frittata and serve.

Onions and Corn
Onions and Corn
Adding Veggies
Adding Veggies
Veggie Mixture
Veggie Mixture
Eggs and Veggies Cooking
Eggs and Veggies Cooking
Fritatta with Cheese  Ready to Serve
Fritatta with Cheese
Ready to Serve

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