Honey Roasted Vegetables

Cajun French:  le jardinage (lu jar-deen-aj) – vegetables


Veg PlatedThe farmers market was teeming with young vegetables this week; eggplant, radish, squash, peppers were begging to be purchased.  We generally grill our vegetables but this week we decided to try roasting.  After slicing the vegetables we tossed them with Cajun olive oil and local honey.  The results were awesome!  The vegetables were accompanied by pan grilled salmon and salad.  This recipe is very simple to prepare yet full of flavor and aromas.  Honey is the star of this dish so make sure you use high quality local honey.

Mais C’est Bon!



4 baby eggplant (purple and white striped)

2 large radishes

1 large green bell pepper

1 red pepper

3 Tbl Militello’s Cajun olive oil

2 Tbl Bocage Honey or local honey


Fresh Tarragon


Slice vegetables

Place in baking dish (large enough for single layer of vegetables)

Salt to taste

Pour olive oil and honey over vegetables

Toss vegetables making sure to coat evenly

Spread in single layer for even cooking

Place about 5-7 sprigs fresh Tarragon over vegetables

Place in 450 preheated oven for 30 minutes


Fresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables
Sliced vegetables
Sliced vegetables
Coated Vegetables
Coated Vegetables
Ready for baking
Ready for baking
Ready for serving
Ready for serving

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