The Pony Expresso, Dolores, CO

Cajun French – le café égouté (lu ka-fā ā-goo-tā) – dripped coffee


Teresa“The Pony Expresso – More than just a coffee shop….a bakery, a gallery, a place to connect, unwind and enjoy.”

Coffee is embedded in our Cajun Culture.  We spent many an afternoon having coffee with our grandparents and parents.  It was an enjoyable occasion where we discussed the day, learned about our heritage, and looked to the future.  Now as we travel we look for those coffeehouses that give us that afternoon pleasure of fresh coffee and visiting.

So it was in Dolores, CO after a day of touring ruins and trains.  Our choices were a hotel restaurant, a BBQ restaurant, or The Pony Expresso.  Of course, we chose The Pony Expresso.

We thought it was a drive through coffeehouse but there was an entrance so we walk in.  To our surprise and happiness we found a cozy coffeehouse with tables, chairs, books and art by the owners.  The space is small yet welcoming with Teresa giving us local information and things to do in the area.  In addition free Wi-Fi is offered which makes it a great place to hang out for coffee and sweets or maybe lunch.

Owners Teresa and Mark moved from New Mexico to Dolores to open a coffeehouse because there was none.  Both being artists, they incorporated their art with coffee.  Teresa is a photographer and her work is for sale along with Mark’s jewelry.

Teresa is the baker and lunch maker and everything looked great which made our decision difficult.  We decided on the Carmelita, made with caramel, nuts, and chocolate; oh and oatmeal.  John said the oatmeal made them healthy.  Not sure about that but it was delicious.  John has his afternoon coffee and Laurie had homemade lemonade; both hit the spot.

If you are touring the Durango/Telluride area or driving the San Juan Skyway make The Pony Expresso a stop along the way.  You will find great refreshment and conversation.

Homemade Lemonade
Homemade Lemonade

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