Custer, SD Farmers Market

The morning dawned cool; perfect for a farmers market in South Dakota.  As most of you realize, we are addicted to farmers markets.  If we are in an area with a farmers market we will be there when the market opens.  So off to downtown Custer we went to shop the Custer Farmers Market.

Arriving shortly after the market opened, we were shocked to see only four booths.  We have been to worse, one market we visited had only one booth, and of course we have been to better number wise.  Always thinking positive, we ventured to the booths.  One booth sold vegetables, one sold jams and jellies, one sold bread items and one sold knitted items.  We were pleasantly surprised at the number of  items we purchased.

We purchased a number of different vegetables including salad greens, beets, carrots, and tomatoes.  A jar of sweet and hot jalapenos from Foodfest by Leanne went into our basket along with a package of crumpets from Real Simple Solutions.

As we learned today, you cannot judge a farmers market by the number of vendors; it is by the quality of produce and homemade items being sold.






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    1. Thanks for the comment. The Black Hills were awesome and the weather was cool! We took lots of pictures; check out our Travel Blog: Thanks for the award – most unexpected and appreciated.

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