Scoops of Hummus

Cajun French: l’olive (l’ō-leev) – Olive

As the Fourth of July Weekend approaches our thoughts turn to outdoor festivities – eating outside, jumping in a cool pool, watching fireworks.

Most often there is grilling and homemade ice cream but that leaves appetizers that fit the outdoors.  We tried multi grain scoops with hummus and a black olive and wow what
an appetizer!  It’s quick, easy and travels well.

Mais C’est Bon!


Place scoops on tray.

Fill each scoop with Hummus and top with a Black Olive.

Arrange on serving tray and enjoy.

If doing a large quantity of scoops, place Hummus in a zip top bag.  Cut the tip off one end of the bag, squeeze and fill scoops.  This method is much quicker than using a spoon.



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