Stiggs Brewery and Kitchen – Boyne City, MI

Cajun French: la cuisine (la kū-zeen) – kitchen


Railroads built our country and we observe that heritage wherever we travel. Not only in towns and cities, but also in buildings. These railroad buildings are now home to a variety of businesses and some are even homes. The White Timber Logging Company operated in Boyne City, MI, in the late 1800s. One of their buildings built in 1899 is now home to Stiggs Brewery and Kitchen. Continue reading “Stiggs Brewery and Kitchen – Boyne City, MI”


Rapid River Pub – Rapid River, MI

Cajun French: la sacalait (la sak-a-lā) – perch (white)

Friday Night Fish Fry is a big event in Michigan’s UP and we wanted to enjoy the festivities. These are not your regular restaurant menu items. You find a fish fry at local churches, VFW Halls, bars and various organizational benefits. It was not until we reached Rapid River that we were able to enjoy this UP tradition. Continue reading “Rapid River Pub – Rapid River, MI”


La Pines Café – Slidell, LA

We travel the US in our RV and are always looking for local spots to visit. Breakfast out is one of our favorites and we thought we had found the perfect spot. Did our research, read reviews and headed to La Pines Cafe. Arrived to a crowded parking lot, another good sign. Walked in and found the seating more than we expected and were told to sit anywhere, another good sign. We had hardly warmed our chairs when the server brought menus and took our coffee order, another good sign. Coffee arrived bold and hot, another good sign. At this point we are thinking we are really going to like this place. Placed our order and enjoyed our coffee.

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Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited

Cajun French: faim (fain) – hungry


What's CookingLeaving church Sunday, as usual John was lobbying for donuts. Laurie was shaking her head fervently as we walked to the truck. The truck just so happened to be parked near Joie de Vivre Coffee & Culture Café with an outdoor sign of “What’s Cooking!” Laurie’s eyes veered to the sign and gazed upon Crawfish Flatbread. John was easily convinced and in we went to try the beckoning flavors. Continue reading “Joie de Vivre Coffee and Culture Café Revisited”


Cranky Franks BBQ – Fredericksburg, TX

Cajun French: le coteau (lu kō-tō) – hill

20150505_134200In the middle of the Texas Hill Country in German Fredericksburg, you can’t get much more German. We were searching for good German food which eluded us (maybe three years in Germany had something to do with not finding what we were looking for). But take heart, this was Texas. And in Texas you are never far from good BBQ! Then we see an ad for Cranky Frank’s BBQ.
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