The Pony Expresso, Dolores, CO

Cajun French – le café égouté (lu ka-fā ā-goo-tā) – dripped coffee


Teresa“The Pony Expresso – More than just a coffee shop….a bakery, a gallery, a place to connect, unwind and enjoy.”

Coffee is embedded in our Cajun Culture.  We spent many an afternoon having coffee with our grandparents and parents.  It was an enjoyable occasion where we discussed the day, learned about our heritage, and looked to the future.  Now as we travel we look for those coffeehouses that give us that afternoon pleasure of fresh coffee and visiting. Continue reading “The Pony Expresso, Dolores, CO”


Camellia Cocktail

Cajun French: le camélia (lu kam-ā-lee-a) – camellia


January brings an explosion of color to south Louisiana gardens with the blooming of camellia bushes. We enjoy floating the blooms in bowls of water and setting them around the house to bring the outdoors inside. When fixing what everyone else calls a Poinsettia, we realized the drink reminded us of a camellia and hence our name for this cocktail is forever a Camellia.

One change we make is we use cranberry pomegranate juice.

Mais C’est Bon!

Enjoy!! Continue reading “Camellia Cocktail”